INCLUDATE Communities – Local needs for Inclusion and Diversity

  • Training on Community Reporting and Community Mapping (C1)
  • Community mapping & Community reporting
  • Conversation of change events

Local Strategies and Action Plans

  • Training on Strategic thinking and Action planning
  • Implementation of the local strategies

INCLUDATE Interactive Curriculum and Training Guide

  • training for migrant Associations: INCLUDATE Curriculum for Community Impact
  • training for Municipalities and Public bodies: INCLUDATE Curriculum for Community Impact
  • Transnational training for testing the curriculum and reiteration with municipalities and NGOs


  • Interactive eBook “INCLUDATE COMMUNITIES: Local needs for inclusion & diversity” – The ebook shows the result of the Community Mapping, Community Reporting and Conversations of Change activities implemented in the 5 local areas of INCLUDATE (Budapest, Gdynia, Palermo, Berlin and Copenhagen). The aim of this process and the book is to map and analyse the structure of local communities, the role of migrant groups within the local society, the specific needs, capacities, expectations, and challenges these groups are facing when living in the local areas. The ebook is an interactive tool: videos, visual elements, interactive maps will be embedded into it; it will receive the ISBN number of the German National Library.
  • Local Strategies/Action Plans – 5 Strategies prepared in the INCLUDATE local communities. Local strategies use the methodological elements and tools learned during the training. This practice aims to implement the learning outcomes of the training and to provide support to our partners to create the first draft of a strategic document that they can present and negotiate in the future with their local partners. The Strategies are presented as methodological guides in the partner’s local languages with shorter summaries in English and French.
  • Interactive Curriculum for Community Impact and Training Guide – The curriculum contains two main modules, dedicated to the two main target groups of INCLUDATE:

– NGOs and grassroots migrant organisations;
– Local municipalities and public bodies.